"Probably the most comprehensive, inspiring and life-transforming sound therapy course available in Ireland!"

Our new practitioner Diploma starts in October 2015......

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Ideal for musicians, singers,  healers, therapists, yoga & meditation teachers & more .... 

Professional training for working 1-2-1 with clients and in groups e.g. sound baths

We've been delivering sound therapy training since 2003, and have students and practitioners in 17 countries.  

We're an independant school accredited by the British Complementary Medicine Association, which means that you can get insurance and start practicing as soon as you qualify with this Diploma.

There are many good reasons for joining this course:

  • It takes you on a deep dive with healing sounds for personal healing and transformation.
  • You'll experience a new lightness of being and a flourishing of energy and vitality.
  • You'll get the  practical skills, knowledge and confidence to be successful with sound therapy working both 1-2-1 with clients and with groups.
  • You'll be able to develop a sustainable new income stream that will quickly cover the investment you make in course fees.

Many of our previous and current students are living out their dreams - doing what they love, making a difference, helping people with healing sounds.

You can join them!

You don't have to be a musician or singer, and you don't need any prior experience of healing to join this course.

We teach effective techniques that are simple to learn and apply using easy-to-play instruments and our voices, including:

  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Crystal singing bowls
  • Gongs
  • Shamanic drums
  • Tuning Forks
  • Mantras, chants and vocal toning

Here's what you get when you join our Diploma course:

  • 20 days of workshop training from a tutor with over 25 years experience
  • Access to dozens of video tutorials, audio, handbooks and workbooks in our private members' on-line portal
  • Monthly live Webinars with questions and answers sessions
  • Four personal coaching and mentoring sessions to ensure that you smoothly complete the course
  • A printed Diploma certificate that you can proudly hang on a wall

This is amazing value at €1,600 !

We could easily charge over €3,000 for this course.


We want to make it as accessible as possible so we can easily fulfil our vision....

....which is to facilitate a dynamic international network of students, practitioners and teachers....

.....working together to help reduce pain, suffering and illness with natural, acoustic sounds....

....and creating the conditions for life to flourish on our beautiful planet !

We'd be honored if you join us on this course and be delighted to welcome you into our community.

There are a limited number of places, and some have been taken already, so it's best to secure your place now and avoid being disappointed later.

To reserve your place, please pay a £100 deposit by clicking the orange 'Buy Now' button above.  This is worth €140.

You can pay the balance of the course fee, which will be €1,460, later in one-go, or with a Payment Plan to spread the cost.  There is an extra fee of €10 per instalment under a Payment Plan.

Workshop Location & Dates:

The workshop location is Purcell House, All Hallows College, Gracepark Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.  Free parking is available on site.


October 22 – 25: Foundations in Sound Therapy – A Journey with Healing Sounds – Sprit, Intention, Creativity & Science; an introduction to the instruments used; diagnostic skills; how to put together a sound therapy session.

December 3 & 4: Tuning Forks for 1-2-1 Therapy & Group Work

December 5 & 6: Voice for 1-2-1 Therapy and Group Work, with Mantras, Chant & Vocal Toning


February 4 & 5: Tibetan Singing Bowls for 1-2-1 Therapy and Group Work

February 6 & 7: Gongs for 1-2-1 Therapy and Group Work

March 3 & 4: Crystal Singing Bowls for 1-2-1 Therapy and Group Work

March 5 & 6: Drums for 1-2-1 Therapy and Group Work

April 7 – 10: Pulling it all together to provide Holistic 1-2-1 and Group Sound Therapy sessions:-

Diving Deeper into Individual and Group Sound Therapy skills and techniques:-Advanced diagnostic and deep healing techniques; Case Studies; Coaching Skills; Marketing, Launching and Building your Sound Therapy Practice…..

For further information about any of the workshops or the course, please email: tony@colourofsound.org

Quotes from students

A wonderful self-healing and transformational experience ....taking this into the world for the healing & transformation of others

Mary Graham musician, singer and healer

Very moving experience.  Amazing group of people all coming from different practices but sharing healing through sound

Grainne Courtis designer and healer

"The learning curve of the Colour of Sound Institute  dives deep into your own disharmony, breaking and reshaping the chord of your being.  It becomes a profound and life changing experience "  Eileen O'Toole

If you are not completely impressed with the Colour of Sound Institute, let us know within the first 30 days after the first workshop in October, and we'll give you all your money back.

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